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How does it work exactly?

PackagePay® does not have to be integrated into the plug-in of your payment-processor. For your shop a shipment with PackagePay® looks exactly like a shipment with cash on delivery. If you are not a customer of one of our logistician-partners they will be pleased to offer you a quote.

You define what cards your customers can use for the payment. Payments with the German debit-card (“girocard”) will be credited within 1 or 2 days after the payment – with 100% of the amount! We send you an invoice once per month for our efforts.

When you have to handle returns from your customers our portal offers the possibility to mark single shipments for full or partly refundment. Of course you can also upload a file with all your refunds. When you transmit your invoice-number (or any other number that identifies your shipment) to the logisticians system, it will be handed-over into our portal. That makes it easier to find shipments and payments.

Our portal also offers free reports and tables, f.e. for your bookkeeping.

Did we mention that PackagePay® is very cost-effective compared to other payment-systems?